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Please click on the links to find MATLAB Toolboxes, documents, information, and more.

Curve Fitting - EzyFit Toolbox
This toolbox has functions and GUIs for univariate curve fitting.

Data Visualization Toolbox
The authors of this MATLAB toolbox provide functions that implement the graphical techniques described in Visualizing Data by William Cleveland.

Dimensionality Reduction Toolbox
This toolbox was developed by L. J. P. van der Maaten from the Universiteit Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The main website for ISOMAP has links to related papers, data sets, convergence proofs, and supplemental figures.

Locally Linear Embedding LLE
The main website for LLE the MATLAB code, papers, and data sets.

MATLAB Central
This is an area at The Mathworks, Inc. You can find lots of user-contributed code at this website.

Microarray Analysis MatArray Toolbox
The following link takes you to a web page where you can download software that implements techniques for the analysis of microarray data. This toolbox includes functions for k-means, hierarchical clustering, and others.

Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Toolbox
MATLAB code for several nonlinear dimensionality reduction approaches is available at the above link. The code is meant to accompany the book on nonlinear dimensionality reduction by Lee and Verleysen [2007].

Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
A toolbox for nonnegative matrix factorization for signal processing is available for download.This collection of MATLAB functions also implements nonnegative tensor factorization.

Robust Analysis LIBRA
A toolbox for robust statistical analysis is available for download at the above link. The toolbox has functions for univariate location and scale, multivariate location and covariance, regression, PCA, principal component regression, partial least squares, and robust classification. Graphical tools are also included for model checking and outlier detection.

Self-Organizing Map SOM
The website for the SOM Toolbox contains links to documentation, theory, research, and related information.

This software allows one to explore data through smoothing. It contains various functions and GUIs for MATLAB. It helps answer questions about what features are really there or what might be just noise. In particular, it provides information about smooths at various levels of the smoothing parameter.

Spectral Clustering Toolbox
MATLAB code for several spectral clustering approaches can be found at this site

Statistics Toolboxes No Cost
The following are links to statistics toolboxes:

Statistical Patter Recognition
Here is a link to a toolbox on statistical pattern recognition.

Text to Matrix Generator (TMG) Toolbox
The TMG Toolbox creates new term-document matrices from documents. It also updates existing term-document matrices. It includes various term-weighting methods, normalization, and stemming.

Last updated: December 2010