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Wendy Martinez received a B.S. degree in Physics and Mathematics from Cameron University in 1989. She went on to finish her M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering at NASA Langley Research Center, George Washington University. In 1995, she received her Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics (with an emphasis on computational statistics) from George Mason University. She has been working for the Navy for over 15 years, supporting R&D efforts in academia and industry, in addition to doing her own research. While at the Naval Surface Warfare Center R&D laboratory, she conducted research in probability density estimation, signal processing, scientific visualization, and pattern recognition. Wendy then transferred to the Office of Naval Research, where she managed science and technology projects that range from basic research to fielded systems.

Her research interests include probability density estimation, statistical pattern recognition and machine learning, scientific visualization, exploratory data analysis, and text data mining.

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